wxFormBuilder 3.6

wxFormBuilder is an open source GUI builder for wxWidgets
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wxFormBuilder is an open source Graphical User Interface(GUI) builder for wxWidgets. wxWidgets is actually a framework that enables the creation of multi-platform applications with and without a graphical user interface. wxFormBuilder itself has a very streamlined interface which is very easy to use. This version includes a pretty neat WYSIWYG visual editor. You can also add your own controls like wxButton, wxBitmapButton, wxStaticText, wxTextCtrl, wxStaticBitmap, wxComboBox, wxChoice, wxListBox, wxListCtrl, wxCheckBox, wxScrolledWindow etc. with point and click access. C++ and XML codes are generated with proper syntax highlighting. The code is fully unicode compliant, and importing of XRC code is also available. There is a new wizard to generate the needed inherited class for the GUI. It uses the Connect() method or the event table for creating events. You can also add your own event handlers for most of the controls available. If you like you can easily add more events using an external XML file.

Vineet Sharma
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  • Streamline Interface
  • Unicode Compliant
  • Ability to add own controls


  • Help is not provided
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